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Great game, but you may want to change the name it might be too similar to Daggerfall

Thank you! 

So some constructive criticism, or at least I hope it comes of that way. I admit I didn't play the game all the way through, however the things I am complaining about are some early game stuff. So 1st off the weapons don't feel like they have weight, I think a good impact sound would do wonders. The controls feel a bit clunky I can't put my finger on it but aiming the blades seem to take a lot of effort for the little damage they do, and for the damage capabilities of the enemies.  Perhaps a time slow mechanic when aiming would be a good addition. Maybe if you want it to be more strategy, add more in the way of cover. Also I noticed I seemed to suddenly pop from one location to another. I do not know why. That said the idea of the game is good. One thing I thought would be a cool thing to have on the blade is if they were solid and could be used as platforms.

Thanks a lot for playing the game and for the feedback, I appreciate it :)

Yeah no problem.  If you ever want me to play test something else, feel free to send me a link and I may give it a try.

Love this game!. Is it possible to customize the controls? Or use a controller?

Thanks! Unfortunately not right now, but we will surely add those features once we expand the game :)

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the door for the second switch doesnt seem to open, ive tried twice. is it really because you cant kill any enemies?



Dude this looks awsome and i love the desghin and espesscially the idea. This looks amazing and im going to ttell all my freinds

looks promising. let me check the gameplay

Looking forward to this.


The game sounds and looks great, I'm excited to play the demo!